7 Must Try Dishes at Nasi Padang Stall, Muslim Delights

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The best makan places are sometimes at ulu places, hidden gems located in industrial places. At these eateries, only those who work in the area would know about it and there are less spotlight on them.

Initially, my halalfoodhunt team and I didn’t notice this place at all until we got bored of eating chicken rice and were really, really craving for Malay food.

Muslim Delights might sound familiar to the Malay community in Singapore. That’s because you’ve probably heard of local celebrities like Taufik Batisah, Radio DJ KC, Orange CEO Syah Ibrahim, all who have had their wedding catered by them as well. Even Zack Zainal who is based overseas in Dubai had his daughter’s wedding arranged by Muslim Delights.

Aha now you know! But today, we’re going to just talk about the dishes that we had there and that you simply must try. It’s worth eating there or just ordering in a few packs to bring home and enjoy with your family or with your colleagues.

These dishes must be enjoyed with a plate of steaming hot rice, and shared between your colleagues or family for maximum enjoyment.

1. Ayam Goreng


Their ayam goreng, or fried chicken is the best of the best of the best. Forget craving for fried chicken cooked in the American style.  This ayam goreng has all the right rempah or spices, and a crunch which will last four hours. Just the fried chicken itself is already worth the walk to this place.

2. Asam Pedas Ikan Pari

Muslim Delights_Nasi Padang Halal Singapore _ asam pedas ikan pari

If you’re looking for legit asam pedas ikan pari that is not too sour or too spicy, this is it. The stingray is easy to peel off too, meaning that it’s fresh!


3. Ayam Lemak Cili Padi

Muslim Delights_Nasi Padang Halal Singapore _ ayam lemak cili padi

This is a rich and spicy yellow coconut gravy that is cooked with chilli padi and is so good to have when you’re really hungry for lunch. As the Malays would say lemak ni sungguh berasa or in other words, this dish is full of flavour.


4. Beef Rendang

Muslim Delights_Nasi Padang Halal Singapore _ beef rendang

If you can’t wait for Hari Raya and you simply must have your rendang. This is it. Making good rendang is a terribly long, arduous process and you’d have to pound toasted coconut to make kerisik. If you don’t have time, just leave it to the experts and let them cook genuine rendang! Simple.


5. Curry Fish

When you get to eat Nasi Padang, you need to have a gravy which brings all the flavours together. It can be the gravy from the Ayam Lemak Cili Padi or if you can’t stand the heat from that, this curry is good too. The fish from this curry is super filling so don’t underestimate it while ordering!


6. Tempeh Kicap Manis

Even if you’re a vegetarian, you can enjoy Nasi Padang dishes too. Tempeh Kicap Manis is tempeh cooked in sweet soy sauce. This balances the spicy and salty dishes on your plate and if you love tempeh, this is a must add on to your dish!


7. Gado-Gado

Muslim Delights_Nasi Padang Halal Singapore _ gado gado

This is the Malay Nusantara’s idea of a salad presented to you by Muslim Delights. It’s almost raw. There’s long beans and cabbage which are blanched. There’s hard boiled eggs, boiled potato, fried tofu, with on top of rice cakes or lontong. It’s all blanketed under a layer of peanut sauce dressing. This is a dish you can enjoy on it’s own and enjoy with a large handful of crackers.

There are many more dishes we have yet to try but maybe you might want to give them a go first!

Muslim Delights Catering Ayam Kicap
Ayam Masak Kicap (ayam cooked in soy sauce)

Muslim Delights Catering Sambal Goreng
All the dishes we couldn’t have the space to taste: Telur Asin (Salted egg), Sambal Goreng, Bendi Goreng (Lady’s Fingers)


Muslim Delights_Nasi Padang Halal Singapore _ glass dishes
So many choices to choose from!

As you can see there’s over twenty dishes to choose from, but one thing is for sure, the flavours hit all the right notes on a Malay person’s taste buds (i.e. lidah melayu).

We talked to one manager of Muslim Delights, Kak Ida, and she said that this stall was opened by her sister over twenty-six years ago in 1992!  The recipes used today are still the same that her grandmother used and passed down to her parents, but these heirloom family recipes are a secret. Talk about family power.

“Our healthy portions make the customers come back for more,” says Kak Ida. The Nasi Padang stall soon expanded the business to wedding catering as well.


Although their main dishes’ recipes are steeped with tradition, like the Ikan Asam Pedas and Lemak Cili Padi, the family also experimented with their own Nasi Briyani recipe.

Fast forward twenty-six years later, Muslim Delights has three wedding/event venues – Concorde Hotel, Fave On Orchard and Grassroots Club at Ang Mo Kio. From a humble stall, Muslim Delights has now expanded to catering and has a range of venues for families to choose from!

Now you must be wondering if they cater for Hari Raya so that your open house will be memorable for your guests. When someone can cook really well, just let them cook it right?

If you’re looking for a Hari Raya Eve Menu to prepare for first day of Hari Raya, Muslim Delights has it too!

What you get in a Take Away Set Menu for Eve of Hari Raya

  1. Rendang Daging Lembu (Beef Rendang)
  2. Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken cooked in Red Sauce)
  3. Sambal Goreng Pengantin (Beef Meat, Lung & Liver cooked in Spices)
  4. Sayur Lemak Lodeh (Vegetable Coconut Curry)
  5. Sambal Sotong Kering (Dried Squid in Chilli)
  6. Sambal Kacang (Peanuts in Chilli)
  7. Serunding (Beef Floss)
  8. 4 Sticks of Lontong

Price: $220
Feeds 8-10 Pax

Terms & Conditions
  1. All items will be packed in Microwaveable Containers
  2. Self Collection will be at Muslim Delights 117 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534834
  3. All payments need to be made in full by 8 June 2018
  4. Any changes to the menu will be made at the discretion of Muslim Delights.
  5. Orders will be closed by 8 June 2018.
  6. Home delivery available at an additional fee. Do let them know.
To place your order, call: 96330261, 94874055 or, 90019401

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