A&W to open at Jewel Changi Airport in 2019 after leaving us for 10 years

Hooray for Easties! Westies be patient.

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Although A&W was supposed to open in the second half of 2018, news reports have confirmed that they will be opening in Singapore next year in 2019 instead.

How did life go by without A&W? Comfort food like waffles, curly fries and root beer float and their signature coney dog. This was what many of our childhood was made of. We’re just so glad they’re coming back into our lives.

Since the closure of all Singapore outlets, the only way Singaporeans could get their A&W fix was in Malaysia, where there are over 36 A&W outlets. Other than that, one would wait for McDonald’s to sell their curly fries. A&W used to have five outlets in Singapore before closing them all in 2003 after the American company was acquired by Yum! Brands.

Here’s what we know about A&W so far.

1. Their outlet in Singapore will be halal-certified, but halal foodies will still need to wait a few months after the outlet opens before they officially get a Halal Certification.

Although the halal-certificate will only be given after a few months of opening, we’re pretty sure many of our followers won’t be able to wait for that. We hope that A&W’s Halal-Certification will be processed smoothly because well, we’ve waited so long, what’s a few more months after seeing A&W officially open right?


2. They will be opening more branches across Singapore in neighbourhoods and the CBD

In a report by  Singapore Yahoo Lifestyle, A&W’s CEO Kevin Bazzner has hinted that “key neighbourhood towns and regions as well as commercial malls and the Central Business District” are among some of the locations they are looking into. 

As an Eastie, I have no qualms and am super thankful that they will be opening at Jewel Changi Airport but I do hope for my friends staying in the west that A&W will have many more branches across Singapore.

3. On top of the familiar favourites, there will be new innovations on the menu.

The Jewel Changi Airport will be the flagship store owned by the American company and will not be a franchise. As such, they will be introducing new innovations to the menu on top of familiar favourites.

We can’t wait!



Via The Straits Times

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