Famous Teh Sarabat Stall now has an Instagram account. Here’s 5 reasons why we’re following them

You've not walked down memory lane until you've bumped into the Bhai Sarbat Stall...

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If you’re a Bugis crawler (i.e. you’re at Bugis every other), you’ll know who and where Bhai Sarbat Stall is. For the rest of us, we’re still trying our best to find this hidden gem of Bugis before giving up and just getting Teh Tarik from Kampung Glam Cafe instead.What a waste.

Previously known as No Name Teh Sarabat Stall, Zamir Ahmad has been pulling tea for more than four decades. His teh tarik ($1.30) is as it should be: lemak berkrim as they say in Malay or satisfyingly creamy, sweet and served with an inch-thick layer of froth. For bites, you’ll have to settle for samosas and curry puffs, or nasi lemak and nasi sambal goreng in packets but these are just enough

The Bhai Sarbat Stall has decided to go digital with their very own Instagram account AND they’ve fixed a shop signboard to help wondering tourists and clueless Singaporeans find the small corner stall. They now have a name and it’s called Bhai Sarbat Stall. We think the younger generation is taking over. We’ll do more investigation and will let you know.

If you are super addicted to the way the Bhai Sarbat stall pulls his teh and don’t regularly go the shop, you can get a temporary fix by following their Instagram account.

Here are 5 Reasons We’re Following Their Instagram Account.


What is Teh Sarbat?

Teh Sarbat Brewing
Tea Master pulling the hot tea using 2 stainless steel teapots. Taken by @hellobunny.

Let’s start by explaining Teh Tarik. Teh Tarik is basically black tea with condensed milk (Southeast Asian Style) which tea masters “tarik” or pull to give the appearance of foam and feeling of airiness in the drink. You can drink it hot or cold but the pulling process requires the milk tea to be hot for maximum results. Teh Tarik is usually drunk by the general population in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Teh Sarbat, on the other hand, usually consists of a very potent recipe. The black tea in Teh Sarbat is usually extra strong and some tea masters add a bit of ginger to make the drink spicy and great at warming up one’s muscle-relaxing purposes. In Malay, we call this “buang angin”. Unlike the Teh Tarik, Teh Sarbat attracts a small, special group of people who enjoy strong tea (usually the older tea drinkers) and hence may not be as popular by default. However for those who really enjoy tea this way, you’ll find them queuing at the stall for their daily fix.

But of course, Bhai Sarbat doesn’t just sell Teh Sarbat. There are different variations on their newly printed menu board. (Read on for the menu board photo)

Now, understand that all Teh Sarbats are Teh Tariks but not all Teh Tariks are Teh Sarbat.

Okay, but what is Bhai?

‘Bhai’ means ‘brother’ in Hindi (which is usually added to proper names to form an affectionate form of address to an older person). Together, Bhai Sarbat means Brother Tea. Cute no?

In India they like to drink teh masala filled with spices like cardamom and many more. We think this is the reason why people of Indian heritage make the best tea in Singapore.


Back to five reasons to follow them:

1. They’ve got a pretty sick feed already.

It looks like a normal Singaporean Indian man going about his day and sharing the best parts of it. We’re liking the contrast between the darkness of the night and luminosity of lights in the area.

instagram profile bhaisarbat


2. They’re Insta-storying their VIPs

Looks like they’ll probably re-post some of the cool fan photos at the Bhai Sarbat Stall some time in the future. We wanna be ready for when that time comes.

Instastory Teh Sarbat BhaiSarbat

Again, we don’t know why but we’re digging the rugged, old camera photo look. Screams of authenticity!


3. We sense the confidence level of Dato Seri Vida

And we’re totally down for that! Just look at that pose. Smells like success.

Datuk Seri VidaDSV Pose


4. Something is brewing.

Ok look, they’ve been operating WITHOUT a signboard since the 50s and now, they’re suddenly branching into actual marketing like setting up a signboard and going social. We think that there might be more coming up soon.

Speaking of brewing, maybe they’ll be expanding their menu? We don’t know but whatever it is, we’re supportive and ready for it!

Bhai Sarbat Stall Menu
Photo taken by @hellobunny

5. Same old stall, new updated memories

While we’re rooting for the Bhai Sarbat Stall in their future developments, we hope they stay true to their home-grown recipes and no-nonsense brand image. Even if they stay the same, the ways in which we experience them in the new era will definitely change. Teh sarbat may have just been a regular drink in the past, but youngsters who may find it a new and interesting want to share all the magic we take for granted. It’s good to have a name to tag onto their Insta-memories.

Bismillah. Now we drink.

Teh Sarbat Peng
Photo taken by @hellobunny


We hope you follow the Bhai Sarbat Stall too!



Also, while we were searching for videos of teh sarbat, we found this very entrancing video of a man making Masala Tea. Enjoy!

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