Calling for Raya cookies and cakes for The Kueh Auditions 2017! Its on!

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Every year for Hari Raya, or Eidul Fitri, it’s like a gamble to find the most decent tasting kueh, or cookies. During Ramadan, you’ll buy some from Johor Bahru, some from Geylang Bazaar, some from the pasar malam nearest to you to taste test. Some can make the cut, some won’t. By the time you decide that batch of kuih was good enough, you go back to buy some more, and guess what, it’s sold out!

This is the dilemma for many eaters of kueh raya. Which is why always taste tests and then sells the best kueh raya on our e-commerce platform!

Third year running!

Every year since 2014, the team at opens up auditions and calls for kueh samples from our home grown bakers to be submitted for tasting and reviews. The team then curates its selection of Raya Kueh for sale on its website: Each year, this curated list of Raya Bakes aims to only compile the best that our ‘Eid loving community has to offer. Raya kueh that makes it into our list of finalists will then be listed on, and we will then market and sell these bakes on all our social media platforms.

Calling all bakers! Whether you are home bakers, some-time bakers, weekend bakers or hobbyists, if you can whip up a batch of awesome kueh raya which your family, friends or colleagues rave about, we want to taste it AND help you sell it on our platform. We’ve been doing this for two years already and our bakers have kept returning to us to sell their kueh!

Allright, tell me more!

If you are keen to participate, please email to or WhatsApp to 96265757 requesting for The KUEH Auditions 2017 Entry Form for you to state your interest and your list of bakes that you would like to submit for auditions. We need you to submit at least three types of bakes.

All the best to everyone and may we meet this coming Ramadan inshaAllah. Only Allah knows the amount of physical and spiritual detox we all need to do!

Warm regards,

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