Campaign Report:’s Involvement in Giving Week 2016

0 123, along with eight of our listed merchants, participated in Giving Week in 2016. Giving Week is a national movement that encourages everyone to give back. During this week, corporates, non-profits and individuals across Singapore come together to make a difference. Each of the eight merchants donated the proceeds of one of their dishes to either of the two beneficiaries- Literacy Initiative for Equity (LIFE SG), or Project Goodwill Aid. also set aside a portion of the FRIENDS with Rewards Card sales to the two beneficiaries. In total, 1400 Giving Dishes were sold along with 234 FRIENDS with Rewards Card. In total, $2,066.70 was raised.

Why LIFE and Project Goodwill Aid?

Just like these two groups start out small in a cause they believe in. “We understand what it’s like with little resources and money, so we believed this initiative could raise awareness about good causes by small groups, and support them too,” said Jumaiyah Mahathir, Managing Director of

LIFE SG supports underprivileged children by equipping them with tools and a fair opportunity at achieving success. Their main objective is to help improve the literacy level of these children, who may have been denied access to privileges, such as enrichment activities, due to their circumstances. Project Goodwill Aid (PGA), on the other hand, is a volunteer group consisting of like-minded individuals who give back to the society by giving out food and necessities to those who are in need through going door-to-door or street walks. They also have cleaning makeover projects.



Who were the merchants and what were the dishes?

The merchants who joined us for this campaign were Ratu Lemper, Icebox Cafe (not in operation as of 5 February 2017), Siam Kitchen (Bukit Panjang outlet), Kaw Kaw SG by Makanstate, Yolkalicious, Charco’s The Flaming Grill, T Bob’s Corner, Sunday Sourdough and Eat’z 19. Read more about the dishes here, or watch the video below.


What’s the benefit of our merchants in participating in Giving Week?

1. Increased positive perception to their brand names

On the website for Giving Week, merchants are all mentioned, along with the beneficiary organisations the proceeds would go to:

2. Increased awareness of restaurant brand and dish through earned media (national media) and owned media (Sifted publication) without additional marketing cost on merchant’s end

On Berita Mediacorp, there were two features on‘s merchants participating in Giving Week:
1. During the campaign the story ran on national news on Suria channel at 8.30pm-9.30pm during Primetime spots:
Makan sambil ‘cari pahala’ di 9 peniagaan makanan halal ini

2. Post campaign:‘Makcik Kerepek’ muncul sebagai juara amal, sempena #GivingWeekSg

The article on Sifted was shared 500 times, and had 3,685 views.

On’s Facebook page, the article was received well, and shared 80 times.

On’s Facebook page, the video was viewed more than 2000 times.


3. Riding on National Volunteer Philantrophy Centre’s full page ad space on The Straits Times and Lianhe Zhao Bao



For clearer picture:

Our merchants Yolkalicious and Icebox Cafe were also on a full page ad on Zhao Bao!

Zhao Bao Yolkalicious & Icebox Cafe Giving Week Full page spread

Take a closer look here.

Zhao Bao Yolkalicious & Icebox Cafe Giving Week Full page spread



We would like to thank National Volunteer Philanthropy Centre for assisting us to be part of Giving Week 2016!

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