5 Pratas at Springleaf Prata to try before you die

We promise you need to take a trip to your nearest prata place after this!

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A simple, plain prata goes a long way, but what if we told you we have some premium pratas you will remember forever? Springleaf Prata took your basic prata, refined it, added some special ingredients and voila, a smorgasbord of delightful prata dishes that can be stretched, sliced and spread apart to reveal fillings of various varieties.

The history behind this legacy started all the way back in 2012 during the Ultimate Hawker Fest when Mr Guna, the innovator behind all the boombastic pratas you may have heard of (which we are sure you have), came up with The Ultimate Murtabak. From then on, Mr Guna created the most eclectic prata dishes annually at the same Hawker Fest to the delight of foodies gathering at the event.

Mr Guna explaining the stories behind his creations


Moreover, Springleaf’s choice of ingredients teeters towards the ‘fancier’ side, which can be seen from such pratas like Umami-50 and Prata Alfredo. Premium ingredients used in these dishes include special Indian Hollandaise sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Portobello mushrooms and many more.

We compiled a list of our favourite Springleaf Prata dishes that you should dig into the next time you step into their restaurants, arranged in no particular order as we loved ALL the dishes and couldn’t decide which should be top of our list.

You might have to make multiple trips to Springleaf Prata to try them all out because it might be too much for you to try all at once!

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1. Salted Egg Prawn Prata

Imagine yourself in an Indian seafood restaurant, except the chef mixed up the recipes for a spicy prawn dish with salted egg prata. You get this beauty! Though it may sound extremely foreign, it would be a loss for anyone not to try this fusion that can only be found at this food joint.

Filled with curry leaves, chilli padi, salted egg yolk, prawn bits and cheese, this prata is a surprise to anyone’s taste buds. A must try!

2. Umami-50 Prata

Just as its title suggests, this prata is very ‘umami’, which means either ‘deliciousness’ or ‘pleasantly savoury’ in Japanese. The reason why it is titled as such is due to the presence of a Halal chicken luncheon meat and Halal chicken floss that are both salty and savoury.

Mr Guna also cleverly spread inside Halal-certified Japanese Mayonnaise to add to the theme of ‘Japan’ that can be found in this Prata. Great for anyone who enjoys salty, savoury flavours or a good accompaniment to a sweet teh tarik.

3. Murtaburger Prata

A contender for ‘The Most Gooey Prata’ position in this line-up would be the Murtaburger! A cross between a Murtabak and a burger, many a foodie would have heard of this extraordinary creation made by Mr Guna way back in 2013, as it is really packed with a variety of ingredients that are the least likely to be found in a prata joint.

Namely worchestershire sauce, cabbage, and a freshly-minced lamb patty are all included inside this thick concoction. Ratings are usually high, and so are ours. It really is incredibly filling and delicious to boot.

4. Prata Alfredo

Where east meets west, the prata Alfredo utilises typically Italian ingredients such as fresh button mushrooms, creamy Alfredo sauce and rosemary smoked chicken to fill the shell of this prata till it’s stuffed to the brim. It’s slightly sweet and extremely cheesy (yes, of course there is mozzarella cheese) that adds a healthy stretch to every pull a patron gives this prata.

Despite the thickness and moisture of the ingredients, the prata exterior stays dry and fluffy throughout, giving the dish a few dimensions of texture and flavour. SUPER sedap. Another contender for ‘The Most Gooey Prata’.


5. Plaster Blaster Prata

If you want to settle down for a classic English breakfast with a local twist, get this. There’s your usual prata kosong, but instead of just the prata alone, the Plaster Blaster includes a generous amount of thousand island dressing and turkey ham.

The major elements are of course the poached egg that people love to pull apart with a fork and knife, smothered in sweet, Indian Hollandaise sauce.


Watch the full video of our interview with Mr Guna on our YouTube channel below!

Where’s your nearest Springleaf Prata?

There’s Springleaf Prata Place located at Bedok, Upper Thomson, Bukit Timah, Jurong East& Clementi. Find out where exactly on halalfoodhunt’s directory of verified halal food merchants. 


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