Four Halal Merchants to check out on the Halalfoodhunt App Today

Rejoice! There are more halal merchants to patronise~

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So… you’ve tried most of the food recommendations on our blog and need something new in your life? Or are you still looking for a place that speaks to your soul? Well, good news because we have new halal merchants who might be able to solve both those problems.

1. Mmmduck (TW) – Pop-ups & Homies

mmmDuck - sliced Duck Portions - Singapore - Halal Duck Meat - Halal Merchants Mmmduck Bento Sets - Singapore - Halal Duck Meat - Halal Merchants

First up, we have Mmmduck! They make delicious marinated duck meat slices which they refer to as ‘Duck Portions’. You can eat the meat servings with rice, bread, salads and even on its own – like dendeng! They’ve also got bento sets like Duck Rice and Aglio Olio at their pop-up stalls at their scheduled events. These bento sets even come in kids’ set for shopping parents.

Otherwise, you can preorder your ‘se-DUCK-tively sedap’ Duck Portions from them on their social media pages any time!


2. POPiah Original – Pop-ups & Homies

POPiah Original - SIngapore - Halal Food Ideas - Halal Merchants

Some of us get popiah cravings and we don’t always know where to go to get them fixed. Well, here’s a suggestion: POPiah Original at East Village! There are many different meat options and popiah crust options for you to choose from such as kofta, original (popiah basah) and golden popiah (fried popiah). They’ve been around since the last 1970s but they’ve recently started growing a social media presence. Don’t be surprised if the next big food hype is popiah basah. *wink*

Let’s move on to event venues!


3. Halia & Villa (The Villa) – Event Venue

The Villa - Courtyard 1 Singapore Botanics Garden - Halal Merchants The Villa - U-Shape in Batik Room - Singapore Botanic Gardens - Halal Merchants The Villa 1 - Singapore Botanic Gardens - Halal Merchants

We’re pretty sure you’ve already seen some photos online of your favourite local celebrities holding intimate events at The Halia. Yes, you can have your very own events there too! They have beautiful and elegant spaces meant for corporate events, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and cocktail or tea receptions. Your guests are sure to be impressed by their luxurious food and décor. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

What if you’re more of a homebody? Then the next merchant might be the one for you.


4. Hokey Poki – Food Delivery

Hokey Poki - Salmon Sushi Taco - Halal Japanese Food Singapore - Halal Merchants

Hokey Poki has got a hybrid menu of gourmet fast food with influences from Japanese food and culinary concepts from other parts of the world. They’re known on Instagram for their creative Sushi Tacos with unique flavours such as Laksa Mentai Soft Shell Crab Taco and Wasabi Mayo Chicken Taco. Other than that, they have grilled spicy seafood, salads (yes, poke bowls too!), Japanese noodles, sushi and sashimi. If you’re thinking of getting Japanese fusion food for a whole house party, you can be sure that their food will end up on your guests’ Instagram and tummies.


Discover more halal food merchants in the halalfoodhunt app available on Google Play and App Store!

That’s all for now! Keep your eyes peeled for new halal merchants next month.


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