Halal-Certified Bakery Breadwerks Opens New Branch at Our Tampines Hub

Breadwerk's first branch opened at River Valley Road. They now have branches at Joo Chiat Complex and Bedok Road.

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The good news just keeps on coming. Breadwerks, a Halal-certified bakery, has opened its newest branch in Our Tampines Hub and they have just received their halal-certification!

The locally-owned bakery started way back in 2015 by three brothers, Remy, Suan Siew and Vanz. What became a successful homegrown business actually started as a tribute to their mother, who hoped that the siblings stay together even after her passing.

Breadwerk’s first branch opened at 411 River Valley Road. Quite the quaint little location, but their business soon boomed, causing an expansion to be possible and invariably leading to the opening of three branches in the east. After moving out of River Valley Road, they now have branches situated in Joo Chiat Complex, 348 Bedok Road and of course, Our Tampines Hub.

When casually browsing through their Instagram page, you can see the level of demand from fans is high when it comes to expanding somewhere further west or north of the island, such as in Ang Mo Kio or even Jurong.

Why Our Tampines Hub?

There’s already an existing bakery- Swee Heng 1989 at Our Tampines Hub but it seems that there is space for more than one bakeries.

“We have decided to focus in the east area as of now, currently Bedok, Joo Chiat and Our Tampines Hub.” Said Vanz, one of the co-owners of Breadwerks.

He also added that Our Tampines Hub is a very popular heartland area where many cultural events, family activities and other forms of social recreation can be held. As a result, Vanz is hoping that this decision would help to gain the bakery even more recognition and customers due to the high amount of human traffic the area receives.

Fan Favourites

Remy, the manager and co-owner of the bakery, stated that one of their most popular bakes is definitely the Tapak Kuda that comes in a myriad of different flavours and two sizes, small and big. Fanatics of this well-known Malay dessert can get it in Milo or Ondeh-Ondeh flavours innovated by the owners themselves.

Customers also frequently purchase the quirky, artisanal tarts that are made fresh daily over at the bakery in Joo Chiat Complex. The Apple Crumble and Blueberry crumble tarts respectively have been around since their first branch in River Valley, which makes them staple pastries in the shops.


The expansion of Breadwerks is a testament to the growing popularity Halal local bakeries are receiving from consumers. The immense attention to customer preference, quality and standards are all prevalent in this underrated bakery, which makes it a store you should visit.

Our Tampines Hub
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 19:00

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