Halalfoodhunt.com Co-Organises First Ever Ultimate Satay Challenge in Singapore

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Halalfoodhunt.com had successfully ended an event in partnership with Singapore Kindness Movement and ieatishootipost.com. The event was covered on Berita Mediacorp.


The first time satay masters compete!

The team was responsible for contacting satay vendors and getting them to agree to compete. As this was the first time that satay masters would be brought together in one place to compete, it was not very easy to secure eight satay masters. Our team had to work week after week calling satay masters to convince them, and even going to the hawker centres to talk to them as many are not responsive via email. In the end, the eight who were brave enough to step were:

  1. Haron Satay
  2. Jamil Sate Classic
  3. Lina Satay
  4. Hungry Bazterdz
  5. Ugly Duckling
  6. Satay Power 6
  7. Kam Satay
  8. Salam Satay Inc

halalfoodhunt.com listed merchants given preference to set up booth for free rental

As Singapore Kindness Movement also wanted pre-packed food vendors and drink vendors at the event, first dibs went to our listed merchants. The merchants which took up the opportunity were:

  1. Hungry Bazterdz (serving Nomad the Gallant drinks)
  2. Sunday Sourdough
  3. Kaw Kaw SG by Makanstate

The merchants could have the opportunity to donate part of their proceeds to charity for a 2.5 times tax deduction on the amount donated.

Judges had a tough choice

The halalfoodhunt.com team also secured two of the four judges.

They are:
1. Adam Shah, of halalfoodblog.com
2. Chef Kamal Fondueman, of Singapore Halal Culinary Federation

And the winners are…

Watch the video to know who won the following titles!

  1. Ultimate Satay
  2. Best Satay Meat
  3. Best Satay Sauce

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