halalfoodhunt launches FRIENDS Pass with its mobile app on Google Play and Apple App Store

Following a rebranding exercise, FRIENDS Card users can now use their FRIENDS Pass even if they forgot to bring their physical card around.

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halalfoodhunt has launched a mobile application for their loyalty programme subscribers to exercise their membership digitally on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With this launch, the FRIENDS with halalfoodhunt.com Rewards Card programme will be referred to as the FRIENDS Pass.  Features of the first stage include enabling FRIENDS of halalfoodhunt to exercise their rewards in the forms of discounts at over 160 halal places around Singapore and purchasing the FRIENDS Pass immediately through the app. The app’s function will be expanded and released in stages.

“We worked on this app because a lot of our FRIENDS of halalfoodhunt were asking us for it. Sometimes they misplaced their cards, or they would forget to bring it with them. They also wanted a faster way to get the card. With this app, our FRIENDS will be able to enjoy rewards immediately upon purchase,” said Managing Director of halalfoodhunt, Jumaiyah Mahathir.

All FRIENDS Passholders will still receive a physical card through their mail and they are still able to exercise their rewards via the app or the card.

Collaterals at over 160 participating merchants of halalfoodhunt.com have also been updated to work with the app.

Decal and Table Tent for new FRIENDS Pass


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