Here’s how you can get 10% off your Maki-san rolls all year round!

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As Asians, we can’t run away from loving rice, but we always get sick of the same side dishes every time. Enter Maki-san, the alternative to Subway for the Asian palate!

Maki-san, everyone’s favourite D-I-Y sushi place is now offering 10% off all day, all year to FRIENDS with cardholders!

Ranging from $7.90 to $9.90 if you choose either a Little San or Mega San this halal-certified sushi chain allows you to choose between two types of wraps (traditional seaweed or healthy soy), two types of rice (Japanese white or healthy brown), select between three to five of 27 essential fillings (ranging from grilled eggplant, sweet corn, tempura onions and more). If you’re having the Mega San you can select from eight main proteins (salmon or teriyaki chicken are among the offerings). Then you can add sprinkles and sauces.

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It’s a delight getting the form which looks a bit like a traditional parking ticket, and ticking the combinations, thinking in your head whether the flavours would go well, or if you’ve tried this option too often before.

So it’s even more awesome when upon handing over the form and making the payment, you can now flash the FRIENDS Card and get a 10% discount!

halal Maki-san with FRIENDS card
Maki-san has seven outlets across Singapore, spread quite evenly across the island, except for the Western part of Singapore! Find their locations and address of all the outlets here.

Makisan island

The FRIENDS Card is a card which rewards it’s holders for choosing halal by giving them discounts at over a hundred (100) places to eat out at, or to order from. Most of the establishments on the card are independent cafes and restaurants and do not have the resources to do up a loyalty programme, so they band together to offer such discounts to halal foodies. At only $18 a year, it’s super worth it. Just ask our 800+ FRIENDS who have the card already!

To know more about the FRIENDS with Rewards card, click here.
To know the full list of places you can enjoy the card, click here.



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