Hyde & Co. has closed its cafe at 785 North Bridge Road

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Known for their fusion food, Hyde & Co has closed their retail outlet on 31 Dec 2017. 

According to their post on Instagram, "In 2018, Hyde & Co. will be focusing on events catering, private venue & dining and pop up events & festivals. Details of their new services will be released on our website as well as on social media in the new year."


We inhabited the little quaint spot of 785 NBR in 2014. 4 years later, it’s time to take our final curtain call. Through the years, we’ve constantly evolve and transform the business – staying true to our name and concept – one of duo personality, a blend of two worlds. 2018 will be no different. As businesses worldwide evolve and adapt to trends, we too have pivoted to embrace the structural changes and the economies of tomorrow. In 2018, Hyde & Co. will be focusing on events catering, private venue & dining and pop up events & festivals. Details of our new services will be released on our website as well as on social media in the new year. But for now, join us one last time today as we serve up some good ol’ brunch for the last time on the last day of the year. Wishing everyone a blessed 2018!

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Two years ago, as Halalfoodhunt moved into the wonderful food haven of Kampung Glam, we met the lovely people behind Hyde & Co., an Asian Fusion restaurant which just got hold of their halal certification after being open for a year. We were introduced to quality halal fusion food namely Chilli Crab Pasta, Pulut Hitam Waffles and hands down the best invention ever – The Nasi Lemak Risotto. Who would have imagined that Asian flavours paired with Western techniques of cooking would go so well together?




Hyde & Co.'s Signature Nasi Lemak Risotto. Read more here.


Since then, Hyde & Co. has always been dangling us with their interpretation of halal by altering traditionally non-halal food and drinks to make it suitable for the Muslim diet. Back in November 2016, Hyde & Co. hosted their second anniversary dinner with a 10-course degustation menu, but backed up with their halal certification. Foodies were treated to an evening of class as Hyde & Co. was transformed into a romantic, high end restaurant, complete with linen and tea pairing instead of wine pairing.



One of the amazing dishes served for Hyde & Co.'s second anniversary dinner. Read more here.


Last July, Hyde & Co. hosted the speakers and moderators of Safinah Institute's Spiritual Summit 2017 for an evening of decadence as a pre-event gathering for the organizers. It was an unforgettable night for many of the asatizahs and organizers as they sink their teeth into a specially curated menu which was only available for the night.



The Malays have this expression: Rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain. Translation: our hair may all be black but our hearts have different wants, desires and intentions. InshaAllah with this dinner, all present have set our hearts and intentions to a common direction, that is to run and support #SpiritualSummit the first ever conference of 16 local asatizahs speaking on issues related to the heart, to the best of our abilities and strengths, to please Allah. With tummies fed and relationships watered, InshaAllah #SpiritualSummit will run smoothly. Our role? to make sure the participants know where best for themselves to eat, and to InshaAllah keep these people going throughout the three days of conferences with proper food and nutrition. We ask for your duas! Check out the moderators and emcees for the event: @nura_j @rizsunawan @ainontalib @azzahfariha. Missing Khairudin Saharom @stinkybolster and ustazah @liyanamusfirah only. Do you all have the tix for the #SpiritualSummit yet? We heard it's sold out but you can always try asking @safinahinstitute ! #comeasyouare #supportlocal #safinahinstitute #makefriends #friendswithhalalfoodhunt #teamhalalfoodhunt #sometimeswedressupnicelyandhosthalalparties #alhamdulillah #halalsg #sghalal

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Finally, October saw Hyde & Co. fronting the halal food scene with their food and tea pairing which brought their menu to elevated heights. 





Don't fret if you haven't gotten your fix of Hyde & Co.! They'll be at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival till 31 March 2018, so keep a lookout for them there! Open Daily: 4pm-11pm

We're sad to bid goodbye to one of our go-to date night restaurants, but we're excited to see Hyde & Co.'s transformation in the future

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