Is Le Castella halal? What about other castella cake shops in Singapore?

LE Castella exceeds expectations by being the first Castella cake shop to use halal-certified ingredients.

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The ‘Le’ in Le Castella means happiness in Mandarin. Coincidentally, we’ve got news that will make you very happy!

The basic ingredients in most Castella cakes are as follows; eggs, flour, sugar and starch syrup. After knowing this, you might be wondering why more Castella cake stores aren’t receiving the ‘stamp of approval’ from local certifying body, MUIS. This could be due to a few issues that might be in the way, such as:

  • The future possibility of expanding the menu and adding new baked goods that may not contain Halal ingredients
  • A select few of these Castella cake stores add ingredients containing alcohol to their cakes usually found in flavourings.
  • Applying for Halal certification in itself is a slow and tedious process that many stores would rather not experience.


So why do we consider the cakes from Le Castella halal even though it does not have a Halal-Certification?

Watch the video here.

1. Ahmad Adam, co-owner of Le Castella Singapore franchise, is a Muslim and checks the halal status of the ingredients used.


Ahmad Adam is a co-owner at Le Castella with his company partner Gerald Hee. As a result, Ahmad is able to oversee the process from start to end thus ensuring that all cakes sold are consumable for fellow Muslims like himself. He is also the brother-in-law of the family from Hajjah Maimunah restaurant!


2. All ingredients used at Le Castella are Halal-Certified.

From mixing to baking, ingredients used in the process of making the Le Castella cakes are Halal-Certified and checked by Ahmad himself. This includes the original, cheese and chocolate-flavoured Castella cakes currently sold at their Tampines and Yishun outlets.

3. Look forward to new goodies from this store!

Ahmad Adam has explained that Le Castella may be promoting new Castella Cake flavours in the future, though research is still ongoing as many of these flavours that were done before used non-Halal ingredients, a big no-no for us Muslim cake lovers. Regardless, the co-owner has thought of introducing new f&b concepts that may come as a surprise for potential patrons. Do look out for them soon!


Halal-status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner

Tampines One- 10 Tampines Central 1 #B1-32 Singapore 529536
Jurong Point – 1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-40/41 Singapore 648886
Northpoint City – 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #01-151 Singapore 769098

Opening Hours:
Open daily
11.00am – 10.00pm

For most updated opening hours and addresses, click here.

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