The Lab at Jalan Pisang to close its doors 14 January 2018

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After an amazing four year run, The Lab will be ceasing operations next Sunday, 14 January 2018. 



As we excitedly usher in the new year, we also look forward to new beginnings (or beninggings). However, some things have to come to an end in order to pave the way for new beginnings to occur. Throughout the four years, we have seen many ups and downs. Some of you love our offerings, while some left the space, unimpressed; either or, both are blessings, with the latter disguised as valuable lessons for us to improve on our offerings. A vast majority of you followed us through our journey, since our days of popups, where we hustled through events before we got a physical space. To all who has supported us from start to end, we truly appreciate it. The end of a lease does not mean we are going to end what we love doing. At most, it is a hiatus as we all pull ourselves together to come up with something better. (You can still find us at popups! WATCH THIS SPACE!) With that being said, we would love to leave on a positive note. Our last service will be on 14th January, so we hope you will drop by and experiment with us for one last time before we bid a final farewell. #weexperiment #goodbye #farewell #halalcafe #halalfoodhunt #cafehoppingsg

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The cafe, known for its great coffee and experimentations with food, will continue with their pop-ups at events. Their Heisenburger, complete with a mixed side of sweet potato and normal fries, is one of the popular items on the menu. 



its burger o'clock

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The Lab's move to close its doors happens as a result of the end of their lease at the Jalan Pisang outlet. 



We bid goodbye to the lovely cosy space The Lab on 14 January 2018. Photo credits: The Lab SG


As we bid goodbye to The Lab, we take a look back at one of our first few videos featuring Ejan, owner and founder of The Lab, and recall our conversation with her to write this article. 



Grab the last of their Heisenburger this week before The Lab closes on 14 January 2018. We wish The Lab all the best in their future endeavours in the halal food scene! 

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