Miffy the Rabbit hops over from Netherlands, to Kumoya in Singapore and she’s SO CUTE!

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Kumoya may be the first halal-certified Japanese-French restaurant specialising in perfectly plated parfaits, and tantalizing halal udon curry dishes but they are also one of the most hardworking and interesting cafes around. Every month, it seems, they deliver a new experience for their customers. 

Between May to August 2017, they had their Cinnamoroll Cafe concept. In September they are running their build-your-own-curry bowl event, and now for the month of, they are bring Miffy to Singapore! From 5 October 2017 (Thursday) to 31 December 2017 (Sunday). All the way till Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Do you remember this character from your childhood? 


Remember these books?

Miffy Books Inspiring Kumoya Cafe (halal) in Singapore


Miffy was such a simple and loveable character created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna in 1955 to entertain his then one-year-old son. He was inspired by a rabbit seen hopping around the garden during a family seaside holiday.

What makes children love Miffy are their ability to identify with her and her adventuers. The character is also simple and innocent and has a positive attitude. It's no wonder that 85 million Miffy books have been sold around the world, translated into more than 50 languages.

But but but, you're more interested about the food concepts that Kumoya will be serving am I right? 

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