Nando’s is giving you free flow Freestyle Coca-Cola drinks and froyo AND gets rid of service charge (plus our food review)

Your favourite grilled chicken, cheaper and faster now!

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Last week, we were invited for an exclusive sneak peak of The New Nando’s Experience pre-launch open house at Singapore’s first Nando’s converted restaurant at Tanglin Mall. As always, we only want to share the good stuff with you so read on to find out why we are so stoked about the new Nando’s!


Nando’s Tanglin Mall is the first restaurant to undergo the transformation as part of Your New Nando’s Experience repositioning, and have re-opened its doors since 29 March 2018. 

Here’s a preview of the streamlined menu specially for us that night. They were selected based on locals favourite and some additional new stuff on the menu. Luckily we came hungry!

So what is The New Nando’s Experience all about


1. No more waiters asking you for your order… and with that, no more 10% service charge!

They told us about their new Hosted Cockerel service style and we were really expecting a mascot to serve us. We didn’t see any of that. However, Nando’s is changing from a table service restaurant to a ‘hosted cockerel’ style, wherein customers will be served at their tables after having placed their orders at the cashier. With that they can afford to remove the service charge of 10% as well! AND on top of that, Nando’s has revised their core menu prices to be lower!

However this doesn’t mean that their service level will go down. The food we ordered came quite quickly as well. Within 10 minutes! Spot the hour glass we used to measure the time! We spent more time deciding what to order instead!

For now only the Tanglin mall branch will see the service charge removed. All other branches will see this new Nando’s experience throughout the year.


2. Bottomless froyo, Coco-Cola freestyle drinks, and PERi-PERi sauces

And for the icing on the cake, bottomless (unlimited) frozen yogurt, Coca-Cola freestyle drinks and PERi-PERi sauces are also available on the menu for diners to eat or drink to their hearts’ content.

RIGHT: Freestyle Coca-Cola machine where you can go crazy to find your perfect mix! To get started, scroll up to the earlier part of this article for a list of suggested flavour combinations that you can try during your next visit to Nando’s. LEFT: Check-out our attempt at swirling the free-flow frozen yoghurt! It was one of the tallest that night and it didn’t topple over.

Did we mention that Singapore will be the FIRST in Asia to lead the way for The New Nando’s Experience?

Diners can now control when they order their delicious PERi-PERi chicken from the new counter, choose their drinks and favourite PERi-PERi sauces from a dedicated cutlery, sauce and drink station, as well as explore the authentic art pieces from South Africa, hanging around the walls of the restaurant while waiting for their food to be delivered to their tables.


So, more importantly, what did we eat?

Here’s the mandatory flat lay shot…but that’s not all!


Hummus with PERi-PERi Drizzle at $5.90

Pour smoky PERi-PERi oil over creamy hummus and dig in with warm strips of Pita. The PERi-PERi drizzle looks like one hot potion that could possibly make you go in and out of the loo but don’t be fooled. The spicy-ness is just right, nothing too overwhelming.


Mushroom Bowl (NEW) at $5.90

Grilled mushrooms with coriander and red onion. Sedap, we like!


Sweet Potato Chips with PERinaise at $5.90

What else can we say, pure crisp satisfaction!


Full Platter – Whole chicken with a choice of either 2 large or 4 regular sides (2-3 people) $40.90

If you’re wondering how spicy was our chicken, it was HOT (highly combustible – proceed with caution) as per the PERi-ometer. As for our sides, we picked 4 regular sides consisting of Mediterranean Rice, Coleslaw, PERi-PERi Wedges and Red Skin Mashed Potatoes.


Chicken Breast Burger with a choice of 1 regular side at $13.90 or 2 regular sides at $14.90

We had Corn-on-the-cob and Chargrilled Veg for the sides!


Salted Caramel Brownie (NEW) at $5.90

OMG-gimmie-MORE! Rich chocolate brownie drizzled with heavenly salted caramel.


Natas at $1.90 (left) and Caramel Cheesecake at $5.90 (right)

Natas is a traditional Portuguese custard tart with a touch of cinnamon while the caramel cheesecake has Muscovado sugar smothered in rich and creamy caramel which is to die for!


Chamomile Tea at $ 2.90 per pot  (serves 2 and a half cups)

PERi-PERi isn’t the only hot thing at Nando’s. Here’s a funny story that happened that night. All four of us at the table ordered the same tea, which is Chamomile Tea and little did we know that they serve tea in pots. Hence, we accidentally ordered four pots of the same tea, thinking it would come in cups! And yes, we emptied all four pots of Chamomile tea! What a tea-licious way to end the day… By the way, one teapot can fill a cup two and a half times.



To round up our experience that night, each of the attendee was given a free customised Nando’s statement shirt and there were two designs to choose from!

Look! That’s Adam from The Halal Food Blog picking his shirt size.


As we were there on a media event, surprise surprise! We were each given a cute “sack-goody bag” which contained the takeaway bottle of everyone’s favourite PERi-PERi sauce, some dried chilli (all the way from the various PERi-farms) and a step-by-step guide to the PERi-PERi sauce recipe in case we want to try making it at home!


The New Nando’s Experience To Be Rolled Out One At A Time

Your New Nando’s Experience will be rolled out in all Nando’s Singapore restaurants progressively, and fully completed by June 2019. But if you’re feeling hungry already, head down to Nando’s Singapore Tanglin Mall and experience the first converted Nando’s Singapore restaurant as they have rolled out the whole slew of changes since 29 March 2018.

Look forward to ordering your favourite Nando’s chicken from your phone directly!

Later this year, Nando’s Singapore will also be launching a new self-ordering mobile application which will allow diners to order and make payment via their phones or tablets right from where they are seated. They’ll will be the first in the world of Nando’s to launch such a service, which is in-line with their dedication to constantly upgrade the ease and comfort of dining at their restaurants, and staying relevant to their audience. 


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