This Place Lets You Have Burgers and Milkshakes by the Pool!

New year, new burgers, new milkshakes!

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The people of Woodlands are lucky to have a decent  Halal-certified cafe beside their swimming pool. When you or your children are done swimming around, you can bring them for a meal here! We tried out their new range of burgers and milkshake with updated ingredients and tell you what to look out for. You can also get 10%  all day all week off with the FRIENDS Card!

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The Restaurant

Citrus By The Pool is a cosy Western-fusion restaurant nestled in the quieter area of the Woodlands estate. Before you  enter, you will be greeted by the 1980s architecture of the sports complexes surrounding the restaurant, with its blocky structure and bright primary colour-painted walls. Kids born in the 2000s probably need their parents to explain to them why the area looks so different from the other relatively newer parts of Singapore. (Extra points to Citrus for having a great conversation starter)

Burgers galore at Citrus By The Pool

The Ambience

Inside, the situation is flipped; the restaurant’s atmosphere is trendy, young and upbeat. The dark walls are accented with tasteful neon art and contemporary chalk caricatures. Meanwhile, the eclectic furniture selection celebrates style in diversity. I say, choose a corner that matches your own personality for the best experience. If you’re on a date, reserve a booth seat to get the best lighting and maximum privacy. The acoustic pop cover and R&B playlist is relaxing yet lively, perfect for casual dinners and late lunches. Bonus: It is a potential study corner during non-peak periods. Just flash your FRIENDS card to get a discount on your caffeine dose and do your hardcore revision)


The Main Course – Burgers

Around 15 minutes after giving our orders to the friendly and young staff, our first platter of sliders, the Dainty Trio, arrived at our table.

Dainty Trio – Teriyaki and BBQ Beef Patty


Check this out, guys, these sliders were specifically made for the ladies and gentlemen out there who would prefer to have a burger but still like to maintain their image while on dates or business meetings.

Each slider is 3 times smaller than a normal burger (took me 4 dainty-bites to finish one). The patty is more sturdy but less juicy as compared to the regular burgers served later on. The BBQ beef stood out amongst the other flavours.


Big Boss – 2-in-1 Beef and Mutton Patty with Satay Sauce and Cucumber

Next, we were presented with the head-turning Big Boss burger set. This bad boy is the chef’s specialty burger, evidently. Look at the glorious charcoal buns and tenderlicious beef-mutton combo patty. I learnt today that having mutton in the special patty helps maintain the texture and juiciness of beef patty. (We will publish an in-depth article on this soon!) Best part is the satay sauce and cucumber combo. To be honest, I was not expecting anything special because it’s just peanut sauce and a raw vegetable but oh, I was wrong. When you bite, you will taste the meat juices of the patty first. As you chew, the satay sauce flavour will grow but as it is about to overpower the patty’s juices, the intermittent cucumber slices in the burger neutralises the peanut flavour such that you are left with a fresh palate for the next bite.

Our 2 lucky FRIENDS; Iylia (left) & Ain (right)

Two of our FRIENDS card members got to come along with us for this meal. They ordered the Shiok Burger (Chili Crab) and the Big Catch (Dory Fish).

Shiok Burger – Chicken Thigh with Chili Crab Sauce

The Shiok Burger has a crispy deep-fried chicken thigh covered in spicy chili crab sauce. Unfortunately, the sauce was not the type of spicy we were expecting. It was spicy in the sense that cinnamon is spicy, not how chili padi is spicy, but it was still quite a treat. Take note that this burger was the hardest to cut into since it was the fullest and unskilled hands will have burger content strewn all over the table (which was kind of what happened to us, haha!)

The Big Catch – Dory Fish with Buttermilk Sauce

Lastly, we had the Big Catch. Saf loved this the most because she’s a buttermilk kind of girl (To her future husband, please take note). The dory was fresh and the buttermilk was not too sweet with great peeling consistency. The underdog, crispy fried onions, definitely helped give the burger a balance in texture too. Soft, soft, crispy, mmmm!

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The Milkshakes

Aside from the main course, we had 6 different giant milkshakes. It is probably three times the size of coffee shop teh tarik so it is recommended for you to share a “jug” unless you’re very sure you have two stomachs to take in that much milk and sugar. (Parents with young children who may want to order individual milkshakes, take note!)

From left: Snickerhead, Classic Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Caramel Popcorn, Cookie Crush, Strawberry Gem

Their newest milkshake edition is the Snickerhead. The crowd’s favourite caramel and peanut chocolate bar is the star of this drink. The base though, is the same ol’ low-fat milk mixed with vanilla ice cream. We have to admit, the Snickers bar makes the milkshake way more appetising and unique.

The Classic Vanilla had a low-fat milk and vanilla ice cream blend. Overall, the whipped cream and biscuit roll made the drink look cutesy but had little effect on the taste itself.

I had the Double Chocolate myself and it was very rich. The chocolate milk is not as sweet as you would think. It would probably go well with something less filling – so not the burger I just had.

The Strawberry Gem milkshake comes with ais gem biscuits. Ais gem biscuits! I almost got this drink because of the ais gems. Oh well, double chocolate beats ais gems this time round. Anyway, the strawberry ice cream and strawberry milk blend is nothing special but if you’ve been looking for a classic strawberry milkshake, this might be it!

Our FRIENDS guests had the Caramel Popcorn and Cookie Crush milkshakes. We were delighted to see that the popcorns used were similar to Garrett’s popcorn, large and flavourful. Apart from that, the milkshakes were decent enough. I think it was a mistake to not drink it straight away (we had to take lots of photos for you guys). The ice cream definitely settled at the bottom or melted away such that the milkshakes’ consistency was compromised.


The Dessert – Sundaes

After all that, we still had dessert.

My favourite was the Coco Loco. I have been into coconut ice cream lately so this was a treat! However, I would have to admit that the ice cream itself was mediocre. What made it extra enjoyable was the matcha cookie crumbs. The coconut-matcha is a perfect pairing. The coconut was indulgent and creamy while the matcha was bittersweet and light. Together, their smooth textures swirl like fluffy clouds pulling your senses into a garden of serenity and enlightenment. I really hope it becomes the next trendy flavour! I avoided the gula melaka syrup throughout though since that was overkill. Bits of it melted into the ice cream and it was good enough for taste.

I also got to try the Minty Choco, Banana Mama and Berry Magic, none of which were as memorable as the Coco Loco. It might resonate more with people who were already fans of the respective main ingredients; chocolate-mint, banana-chocolate and strawberry.

Overall Recommendation

If there is one thing I like, it’s a rollercoaster experience for the mouth. On top of that, all the main dishes served were blotted well so none got soaked needlessly in oil, which I appreciate very much. Good job, Citrus by The Pool!

As most Western restaurants do, the serving size is larger than usual and the key to enjoying your meal is to achieve a balance between the items you order. If you’re ordering a huge burger, skip the milkshake, vice versa. Come back another day and experience another combo of food and drinks. The price may be a little on the higher side for burgers and milkshakes but if you know your own palate and choose the right items for yourself, then the price will be well worth it.

Also, Chris the owner comes around now and then and boy, is he a ball of energy! If you see him around, don’t be afraid to strike a conversation with him because he feeds off the social energy his customers give him.

In the evening, we sat on the side steps outside the restaurant (which has a beautiful photo taking area by the way), chatted about soccer players in the stadium nearby and enjoyed the breeze. Citrus By The Pool is the epitome of modern-day lepak and I would love to come back with an old friend.

Citrus By The Pool – Woodlands

P.S: To enter the parking lot, enter via Woodlands Street 13 (along PCF Marsiling). Woodlands Street 12 right turn entrance at the junction is closed due to construction works.

Nearest unofficial solat corner:

We prayed at the Woodlands ActiveSG Sports Centre, right across the restaurant. There is a hidden alley/storage space for equipment next to the female toilet. There is a large banner slightly covering the alley for privacy too.

Date of Visit: 8 Feb 2018
Time of Service: 5pm to 7pm

If Woodlands is too far from where you are, try the Citrus Bistro at Anchorvale.

Citrus By The Pool
Status: Halal-certified, verified on
Area: Woodlands
For most updated location and opening hours, click here.
FRIENDS Discount: Citrus By The Pool offers 10% discount for FRIENDS! Discount is not valid with other promotions and/or discounted items

The FRIENDS Card is the only privilege card in Singapore which gets you discounts at over 160 halal places in Singapore! If you appreciate this article, support us by getting your own FRIENDS Card. Learn more about where you can get exclusive discounts here.

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