Opens Today: NeNe Chicken’s new outlet in NEX features a Han River seating experience for fans

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NeNe Chicken, one of Singapore’s largest chains of Korean fried chicken will be opening its 8th outlet in Serangoon NEX on 23rd December 2016. Korea’s NeNe Chicken has specially designed this outlet and they have incorporated an important culture of enjoying Korean Fried Chicken; and that is enjoying fried chicken on the steps overlooking Han River in Seoul. Friends, lovers and family enjoy ordering friend chicken and having a picnic beside the river to enjoy the scenery, enjoy the cool breeze and have a good time.

With over 1000 outlets in Korea and 7 in Singapore, this is the first ever outlet to let fans enjoy this experience. 6 pairs of steps sitting is created on the left side of the outlet and fans sitting on the steps area will be able to enjoy various music videos and behind the scene videos that will be projected onto a large wall on the right of the outlet. There will also be 26 normal sittings around the outlet, bring the total number of sitting in the outlet to be 38.

Says Jaime Ong, marketing officer of NeNe Chicken Singapore: “We are extremely excited to present this outlet to our fans as it will be a totally unique experience. Fans enjoying our chicken in this outlet will not only be able to taste our authentic Korean fried chicken, but they also get to experience the culture in Korea. The only difference is that instead of the river view, fans get to enjoy our ambassador – OH! MY GIRL’s very energetic MV.”

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What you’ll see opposite the Han River seating- OH My Girl’s MV. Can’t wait for what other MV they’ll be playing here!




This Green Onion Sauce tastes like Wasabi!

In addition to the new outlet, NeNe Chicken will also be re-launching their signature Green Onion sauce in Singapore. The Green Onion sauce, which was removed from their menu in 2013 is making a come back with a Halal recipe on 23rd December 2016 across all their 8 outlets.

Says Jaime Ong, “As the Green Onion sauce is the Signature of NeNe Chicken, we had underwent rigorous rounds of R&D not only to make sure that Halal recipe is used but also to make sure that the taste is authentic and the same as in Korea. We are really happy to bring this sauce back to share with everyone, and especially our Muslim friends this time.”

When the Green Onion chicken was first introduced in Korea, it sold over one million orders in less than eight months. Combining soy sauce, lemon juice, mustard and just a touch of sugar, the sourness of the lemon juice complements the mustard to create a well-rounded flavor. A heap of freshly shredded green onions is served on top of the hot chicken. Green Onion is NeNe Chicken’s Signature sauce and it is so unique that they have a patent for it.


Another thing about our friends who get halal certified, it’s always heartwarming when they go the extra mile to have halal versions of food that they enjoy, so that we can too! @nenechickensg is introducing their newest Green Onion sauce this week. Full story behind the halal version of their Green Onion sauce coming your way soon! In the meantime, thank you @nenechickensg and we can’t wait to try it out! • • • Listed on ✅ • • #food #yum #instafood #yummy #amazing #instagood #photooftheday #korean #chicken #dinner #lunch #dinner #tasty #foodphotography #delish #delicious #eating #foodpics #eat #hungry #foodgasm #foods #hungry #delicious #food #feedfeed #droolclub #delish #adv

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Let’s look at more photos of the outlet!


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