30 Halal Food Stalls for Eating with the Stars at Celebfest 2018 this 28-30 December

Feast at over 20 booths at Celebfest 2018, all while being entertained and enchanted by celebrities from as far as Indonesia and Malaysia!

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It’s another one of those crazy food bazaars where you get to have your brunch and mingle with the stars! That’s right, Rosevalley’s signature event, Celebfest 2018, happening from the 28th to 30th December 2018 is the place to meet countless celebrities, endless entertainment AND of course mountains of food!

From as far as Indonesia and Malaysia, a dazzling lineup of well-known artists, such as Fikry Ibrahim, Pasha from Ungu, Siti Nordiana and many more will be present at the three-day event.

Though how can we forget about the food? This year-end, Celebfest is hosting the usual classics, familiar names like Broti, Perghh, Katoshka and many more are back to serve you the very best in street foods both locally and globally-inspired. Newbies like Mr Kebab, Adimann Chicken Rice and Kukus By JC will also be joining the event, which means more new goodies for us to try!

What’s more, FRIENDS Pass subscribers get to enjoy special rewards. Consider it a year-end gift from us to you!



Booth: I2

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Buy 4 Boo:Eh and get 1 free for FRIENDS!

Just what you need after scaling the escalators of Suntec City! Get a cup of this frothy goodness you’ve definitely seen once or twice on your Instagram feed. Don’t blame us if you get transported to Hogwarts all of a sudden.



Booth: F2

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Get any 4 burgers and get 1 satay goreng (chicken) free for FRIENDS!

When has Satay gone out of style? Come to this stall when you’re feeling like having some classic, local street food with a twist.

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Booth: I4

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Street Submarine offers 10% off FRIENDS! Valid for purchases $20 and above.

Street Submarine is back again with their array of subs and toppings to die for. If you love huge hotdogs drenched in rich gravy, this is the place for you!


Booth: H5

FRIENDSpass Rewards: O’Braim Lite offers $1 off with every $10 spent for FRIENDS!

It’s always time for O’Braim! O’Braim is back at it again with their goreng pisang and fried donuts covered in mountains of shredded cheese, chocolate rice and everything nice!


Booth: F6

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Katosha offers 50 cents discount off fries for FRIENDS!

The cup of russet fries everyone knows and loves. Katoshka serves its hungry customers with a loaded cup of fries with a sauce or gravy of their choice. Selections include chili beef, special cheese and Tom Yum. Don’t forget, they serve drinks too.


Booth: F4

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Get any 3 drinks for $10 only for FRIENDS!

NEW MENU ITEMS ALERT! Musang Berjanggot has released THREE new sauces that will accompany their famous potato meatballs.The new additions are creamy garlic, Beef Bolognese and Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce! Get there before the line goes snakin’!


Booth: K6

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Ratu Lemper offers 10% discount off Lemper. Not valid with any other discount.

Ratu Lemper is well-known for their Lemper (of course), Kueh Lapis and many more traditional desserts, the kind carefully made and presented fit for a queen!


Booth: H3

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Meat My Meat offers free $2 fries for every $15 spent!

American classics turned Halal, here’s another one to try at the coming Celebfest; Philly Cheesesteak and Cheesesteak Fries by Meat My Meat! It’s a whole ton of meat and drenched in cheese on fries. Perfect for a quick meal and balanced off with their slushies!



Booth: H4

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Get 1 FREE piece of macaron with any regular box set purchased.

These little sweet treats are awfully crunchy and sweet! Macaroons from Macarons SG are perfect as a gift for many occasions!

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Here's an interesting snack that you don't see very often. Introducing the very colourful Macaron Shell Bits, each bite bursting with the fragrance and sweetness you can expect in macaron shells. They have always been made available during our roadshows only, and they always sell out. But now, you can get them from our shop too. Snack on them while you have coffee and tea, or dunk them into jams, sauces, and dips before popping them into your mouth. In fact, the ways to devour them is only limited by your imagination. Each pack comes in assorted colours, and you can get them at a low cost of just $1.00/pack! Come grab yours today, only from Macarons.sg. #macaronssg #bakerzlab #sgfood #halalfoods #sgfoodie #sghalalbakes #sgbakes #macarons #macaron #dontsaybiojio #macaronshellbits

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Booth: E4

FRIENDSpass Rewards: Get a free drink with any $20 purchase!

Heavily sought after by curious noses and fanatic foodies alike, Sofnade is well-known for their Meatballs in a Bucket, Twister Fries in a Bucket and of course their large array of drinks that come in various flavours and colours. Check them out before the new year!





Booth: K3

Crispy, crackly, steaming hot fried wanton with a mouth-numbing wasabi dip! Seriously so crunchy, the other side of the hall could hear us munching them!


Booth: C3

A legit Thai experience minus the beautiful beaches but you still get a full tummy! Mango Sticky Rice, Phad Thai, Thai Milk Tea, you name it, they have it!


Booth: C2

Poffertjes, otherwise known as Dutch Baby Pancakes, are these little flat pancakes of joy that go up to the size of a baby’s palm. Don’t worry, they give lots of these pancakes in one container and serve it with a variety of sugary sweet syrup and toppings. Heaven for people who need that sugar high.


Booth: G2

Needs no introduction. Yummy Takoyaki just knows exactly what you want: Up to a dozen takoyaki balls in a bowl, a mountain of bonito flakes and a generous amount of sauces. Get a bowl at least once in your life, you won’t regret it.

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Booth: C4

This is the transformers of potatoes. King Kentang transformed fries into something luxurious and decadent. Fries covered in Indian Chutney, Salted Egg, Hot Mama (this is really the title of the sauce) Rendang and many more. You can ONLY get it here.


Booth: K2

Ducks so fresh you can still hear them ‘quack’. At Mmmduck, the duck meat is cooked to perfection to make sure all duck meat aficionados remember their name, because, well, it really makes you go, ‘mmm, duck!’




Booth: G3

Corndogs? In Singapore? Perghh! Only at this stall do you get these huge, skewered sausages coated in cornmeal and then deep fried. Cooking up a storm is their passion, so do look out for their other carnival foods like the Fried Mars Bar! We’re not surprised if you’re drooling right now 😉



Booth: G4

Two words: Shihlin Chicken. This tastes so bombz you can hear the crunch in your mouth, the crackle of spice and fried batter. It’s just too good to miss out, so make a beeline for Krumz & Kraves fried goods that are sure to win your heart over.

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Booth: H2

Chicken rice and Nasi Lemak gone hipster? Ape telah happen? There’s no chicken in some of these dishes, but it’s replaced with a myriad of other things like lobster and salmon drizzled with fine sauces. Yumsss!

You can find their Facebook page here.



Booth: I3

Satay Umi’s Satay Goreng keeps your blood pumping with peanut sauce! The quintessential dish that you’ll have to try at every food bazaar in the country is right here.



Booth: I5

This.place.has.EVERYTHING and we mean EVERYTHING. Kway Teow, Hotdog buns, fried rice, pasta, you name it, they have it. Mkuking’s packaging is also something to look forward to as it has a vibrant, colourful design and looks great in photos!


Booth: I6

JP Kitchen has a whole host of foods from the East and West, it’s hard to choose which is best! Try out their Yakitori chicken or even the Sous-vide & grill!



Booth: H6

Another place where you can quench your thirst, Broti has been at every food bazaar the past few weeks, and for good reason! They have drinks you can’t find anywhere else like their Black Lemon Soda, Masala Tea, Mango Soda and Matcha Charcoal.



Booth: K5

If you see me, I’ll be eating Sushi~ Get some bites of Tamago, kani mayo gunkan, ebikko gunkan, or premium sushi like unagi, cheese prawn maki, crawfish salad! The basics but the best 😉

25. WORD

Booth: J2

Those trademark bucket-sized and colourful drinks you see being carried around during food events can only come from Word. It’s HUGE and refreshing.



Booth: G1

‘Kukus’ means steam in Malay, so you can expect to see tons of steamed meals here at this stall. Briyani and many more, the cooks preparing the food here are taking the heat so you can take a container full of delicious rice home 😉



Booth: C5

Dulce bakes serves cakes for casual dessert lovers or those who crave for a daily sugar high. Go to their booth and try some of their tasty bakes!


Booth: K4

No information as of now, but we will keep you posted!


Booth: F3

Nasi Bukhari that you have probably seen before at several bazaars, including the Ramadhan Bazaar in Geylang! check out their huge pans of aromatic rice and meat when you come by!


Booth: F5

No information as of now, but we will keep you posted!


Date: 28-30 December 2018
Venue: Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre (Hall 401/402)
Time: 10am-10pm
Admission: Absolutely Free!


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