Poke Bowl Shop at Millenia Walk just got their Halal-Certification- Poke Doke

More choices for the CBD lunch crowd!

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Poke Doke located at Millenia Walk announced that they officially received their Halal-Certification on Friday, 17 August 2018. They are the second poke bowl shop to receive their Halal-Certification from MUIS, after A Poke Theory received theirs to great response among the halal foodies community looking for a cleaner and healthier option for lunch.

We’re happy to announce that pokedoke.sg is officially Halal certified!

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Poke Doke currently only has one branch at Millenia Walk.

We also asked for their Halal-Certification for verification.


Their bowls are in fun colours and will change with the season.


Check out their fun designs!

There’s even one for National Day!


They serve basic poke bowl staples – salmon or tuna for you to build your own bowls.

Start by picking from four different flavored cuts in either Norwegian Salmon or Ahi Tuna.


If you can’t decide from the many toppings, select from their fixed combinations.

Fixed combinations is something that Poke Theory does not have currently. I find that when we have too many things to choose from, we’ll tend to get a few times to realise what toppings go well with each other, so I really appreciate that there are fixed combinations that someone has put together as well.


1.The OG

Light, refreshing blend of Shoyu and toasted sesame oil with a tinge of tangy citrus that brings out the delicate flavors of our fresh cuts.


2. Spicy Almighty

The toppings come with American style spicy mayo- a fusion of Japanese mayo and Hot Sauce, topped with toasted sesame seeds and Togarashi spice.


3. What’s Up Wasabi

According to their website, this is their best-selling marinade yet; a medley of Japanese horseradish and mayo.


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Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard #01-95
Singapore 039596

Opening Hours:

11am to 8.30pm
11AM – 8.30PM

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