Seize the halal Cempedak and Durian Lempuk mooncakes at Heiraz Bakery before they sell out!

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After their successful first run last year, Heiraz Bakery comes back this year with more new and exciting mooncake flavours. As one of the few Muslim-owned bakeries selling mooncakes to majority non-Muslim consumers during this Mid-Autumn festival, owners Mdm Roszilah and daughter Shaheera feel the pressure to create flavours that will also appeal to the Muslim consumers since mooncakes usually require an acquired taste to be appreciated. 

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This year, Heiraz Bakery brings back favourites from last year like the traditional baked Durian Lempuk and White Lotus with Melon Seed mooncakes. New addition include baked Cafe Latte, Tea Latte and Osmanthus mooncakes, which will be on sale at Heiraz Bakery as well as their pop-up stores happening all month long. 

Heiraz Bakery's traditional baked mooncakes come in nine flavours.


For those who prefer a modern take on mooncakes, Heiraz Bakery’s collection of snowskin mooncake flavours will delight you and your family at parties. The Red Velvet Truffle is personally my favourite because it feels like you’re eating a tiny slice of insanely good Red Velvet Cake. This year, they’ve added cempedak to the mix of snowskin mooncake flavours with Cempedak Bliss. 


New flavours of Heiraz Bakery's Snowskin Mooncake include Cempedak Bliss, Orange Candy, Mango with Pulp! These sell out quick so do pre-order with them to avoid disappointment! 

Full list of flavours

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Baked Mooncakes

White Lotus Assortment $64.00

◦ White Lotus w/ Melon Seed
◦ White Lotus w/ Single Yolk
(2 pieces)
◦ White Lotus w/ Double Yolk


Red Bean + White Lotus with Yolk Assortment $61.00


◦ Red Bean w/ Melon Seed
◦ Red Bean w/ Single Yolk
◦ Red Bean w/ Double Yolk
◦ White Lotus w/ Single Yolk


Red Bean + White Lotus Assortment ($60.00)


◦ Red Bean w/ Melon Seed
◦ Red Bean w/ Single Yolk
◦ Red Bean w/ Double Yolk
◦ White Lotus


Asian Persuasion ($62.00)

◦ Pandan Melon Seed
◦ Pandan SY
◦ Black Sesame
◦ Green Tea

Artisan Collection ($69)

◦ Café Latte (new)
◦ Tea Latte (new)
◦ White Osmanthus (new)
◦ Durian Lempuk


Mini Snowskin Mooncakes ($68 / box set)

Contemporary Collection

◦ Premium Red Velvet TruffleTM (2 pieces)
◦ Honey Lemon (2 pieces)
◦ Chocolate Hazelnut PralineTM
(2 pieces)


Tropical Sensation

◦ Pure Cempedak Bliss  (2 pieces)
◦ Vanilla-Lime NEW (2 pieces)
◦ Mango Tango (2 pieces)


The Assortment

◦ Premium Red Velvet Truffle
◦ Honey Lemon
◦ Chocolate Hazelnut Praline
◦ Pure Cempedak Bliss 
◦ Mango Tango

How to get your Heiraz's Mooncakes

To order/enquire, send a WhatsApp message to 8134 9937 or Heiraz Bakery’s mooncakes will be available for sale around Singapore at the following places and dates:

1. Fusionopolis Galaxis Link Way between 18 and 22 September 2017
2. Compass One between 18 Sept and 4 October 2017
3. Suntec City Convention Centre, Level 3 on 24 September 2017.
4. Heiraz Bakery: 116 Changi Road, WIS @ Changi, #01-23 S419718

Prices range from $60 onwards

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Heiraz Bakery
Area: Geylang
FRIENDS Discount: 10% off total bill, on full box(es) of mooncakes 
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Watch the video below to see how Heiraz Bakery got inspired to make mooncakes available to Muslims.


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