Spotlight: The Permaisuri @ Kaw Kaw SG

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The definition of a scrumptious burger is a thick slab of meat nestled between two pieces of soft buns, topped with pieces of fresh vegetabls and a sauce so lovingly made you would want to pour it all over the burger – The Permaisuri at Kaw Kaw SG does exactly that. The soft brioche buns are toasted perfectly to blanket the crispy deep-fried chicken thigh, and served with a lemak chilli padi inspired sauce.

Deeply intense and aromatic, the turmeric and chilli based sauce would remind you of your favourite ayam lemak chilli padi. The taste of cumin and lemongrass comes through despite the layers of chicken and bun, while the taste of chicken floss lightly jolts your tastebuds.


Salmon @ Kaw Kaw SG

Beyond the delectable burger and the crispy salmonthat we recommend you try at least once in your lifetime, Kaw kaw SG also happens to be one of the places that we like to chill at. From the cool concoctions of drinks that they serve, to the hearty sharing portions of snacks and appetizers, they have everything needed in a recipe for long chats and chillout sessions with your kakis.


Assorted Drinks @ Kaw Kaw SG

My favourite drink happens to be the Cooling Kit and its not in the picture (lol!) – and that’s only because it’s not colourful, but believe me when I say that it’s cooling effect is very potent. And if you’re just there for drinks, not order the sharing portions of the fries?


Fries Selections @ Kaw Kaw SG

And if you’re still not decided to visit Kaw Kaw SG yet, here’s a peek into their very charming space. It’s perfect for dates, and for big groups – it’s so seldom that we get one place that satisfies both needs.


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