Spotlight: Tiramisu @ Lip Smackin

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An Italian classic, the tiramisu from Lip Smackin’ was amazingly light. It has an almost velvety ice-cream like texture and melts in the mouth. I must have eaten half of it before realising that a ‘family tub’ should actually be shared. But who’s really counting eh?

This dessert marries the subtle flavour of layers of zabaglione, and homemade custards with the robust espresso and chocolaty blanket of cocoa. The flavours also come beautifully in one tub.

The ingredients are fresh, adding on to its decadent taste in this otherwise, non-alcoholic version of this classic recipe. Even without alcohol, this tiramisu holds its own.

Now, I’m off to polish off the other half of the cake before anyone discovers it in the fridge.

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