These Malaysian youths are saving traditional malay kuihs with a cookbook of 80 recipes

Did you know that it took them 9 months to gather at least 80 traditional kuih recipes and publish the recipe book?

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The team, FriedChillies, are known for their recipe videos and Malaysian food hunt articles on Very familiar with the F&B scene in Malaysia, they discovered that there were less chefs and food influencers serving or covering the local traditional kuih.


FriedChilies Team Malaysia
Team Fried Chillies who worked on the book (from left to right, front row): Adly Rizal, Meen Omar, Honey Ahmad; (from left to right, back row): Najeb Azani, Tengku Namira, Kovinidevi Balan and Faris Ideris. – Pictures by Shafwan Zaidon and courtesy of FriedChillies


As a result, some of the kuih recipes are on the brink of extinction as more of the country’s makciks and neneks  continue to retire from their old-school kitchens. (Recipes also can extinct ok guys?)


What They’re Doing

To prevent the traditional kuih apocalypse, the FriedChilies team have taken things into their own hands and gathered age-old recipes from all parts of Malaysia. They just published their first instalment of their kuih hunt – Around West Coast Malaysia in 80 Kuih. The recipe books are available at Yayasan Hasanah.


The Cookbook is titled: Around West Coast Malaysia in 80 Kuih.

That’s a real clever play on the ‘Around the World in 80 days’ title of the book by Jules Verne!

My first thought: “There’s 80 types of kuih just from half of Malaysia??? That’s a lot!”

According to the FriedChilies founder, “Kuih is anything you don’t eat as a main meal.” Looks like her definition is wider than what we usually refer to as kuih. It’s a great thing because the recipe book covers other appetisers and desserts such as bubur and pengat.


Here are some of the recipes that they will be covering.

Can you name them, or have you, like me, lost the ability to identify these as well?

Project Kwih Recipe Book

Kuih Cara Berlauk

Kuih Keras


Answers: (Left to right) Bahulu, Kuih Berlauk, Kuih Karas, Serak Jagung, Arissa, Som Som Gula Melaka


Around West Coast Malaysia in 80 Kuih is available at Yayasan Hasanah (Tel: +60 2272 6400).
For selected recipes and instructional videos, visit




You can check out the FriedChilies website here OR read the original article here and find out more about the kuih we just mentioned.

Via Malay Mail

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