This Man Makes Halal Cuban-Styled Food in Singapore

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with a particular country that he eats, breathes and lives it.

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Sani, owner of El Cubanos, was very inspired by the interesting flavours and textures to Cuban food. His decision to open El Cubanos was a result of wanting to share an entirely new cuisine to the Muslim community, who are deprived of international food which are Muslim-friendly.



Pulled Beef Sandwich


While the local Muslim community here in Singapore loves their spicy food, Cuban food is far from spicy. Cuban food is laden with beans, fresh vegetables, and topped with pickles, mustards and special sauces. To draw the local foodie community, Sani’s El Cubanos ensures they create Cuban-inspired food to suit the local tastebuds. One of the more interesting items on their menu is the fiery chicken wings – crispy batter coated chicken wings deep fried then coated with their special sauce.



The delicious menu at El Cubanos. Try the Fiery Chicken Wings!


Watch the video below and learn how Sani used his love for all things Cuba, Che Guevera included, to open a Cuban-inspired El Cubanos.



El Cubanos
For most updated address and opening hours, refer here.
FRIENDS Discount applicable for other dishes: El Cubanos offers 20% off your bill during off-peak hours between 3pm-6pm on Mondays to Saturdays. El Cubanos offers 10% off daily.


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