Travelling in a foreign country, can’t read the ingredients label AND no halal cert? Here’s what to do.

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Dee, our main girl hero coder of and also Adam from The Halal Food Blog went to Japan for a holiday. But Dee didn’t buy anything back for us because she felt too doubtful of buying anything, wondering if they were halal or not.

Why was she cautious?

Because all the ingredients were in Japanese!

So what can you do in such situations? You can actually download the Google Translate app and use it while travelling (get a local SIM to be safe). The app translates the ingredient list for you, then you can check and be sure of what you are buying!

We always get this Tokyo Banana dessert also from our friends or relatives who went there, so we wanted to share this tip with you! We hope the video will useful for you!

You can download the free Google Translate app below:

Google Translate for Apple
Google Translate for Android

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