Would you try this Blue Turkey stuffed with Indomie for End of Year celebrations?

If you think about it, tandoori has green and orange chicken?

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You would eat blueberries, blue cheese, blue Ribena, and even some types of corn are blue! So, why not go the adventurous route and try blue turkey at Rumah Rasa?

This Halal-certified Indonesian restaurant on the island, located at Bay Hotel Singapore, is hosting a buffet spread that includes a dozen classic Indonesian dishes such as Indo Kicap Pedas Manis Siakap (Fish cooked in Indonesian hot and spicy sauce), Indo Kicap Pedas Manis Siakap (Fish cooked in Indonesian hot and spicy sauce) and many others.

However, the main highlight of this feast would be the Blue Turkey filled with Indomie stuffing. That’s right, it sounds unusual but there is actual flavour-packed noodles inside this extraordinarily blue-tinted bird. Keeping to their identity as an Indonesian restaurant first and foremost, Rumah Rasa has really been finding new ways to cook Indomie and we highly comment them for that!

Blue Turkey and Galaxy Log Cake feast buffet halal at Rumah Rasa Singapore
Other blue elements in this menu include Blue Galaxy Log Cake, blueberry with raspberry coullie yogurt flavor.


But, the real question is, how did they turn this bird blue?

blue pea flower
This flower has been popular in recent times because of the natural but bright blue colour it lends to food or drinks.


This flower naturally dyes the turkey blue.

Executive Chef Esa uses a plant called the Blue Butterfly Pea Flower (pictured above) during the braising process of the tandoori turkey till it becomes tender and soft. It is this specific plant that miraculously gives the flesh of the bird its vibrant bluish hue. Afterwards, the turkey is then left to rest before roasting in the oven.

But what’s a turkey without the stuffing right? The stuffing, however, is prepared by folding Indomie into bread, soaking the whole thing in milk and then tossed with Indonesian herbs and spices. As strange as it sounds, this is not Rumah Rasa’s first time experimenting with Indomie.


Rumah Rasa has been crazily inventive with Indomie

The ubiquitous noodles were used in previous dishes like Indomie Nuggets, Sliced Beef Rump with Mushrooms Indomie in Lemak Chilli Padi Sauce and Tossed Gado Gado with Cold Indomie earlier in the year. We tried the Indomie Nuggets and because they were pressed to form a compact nugget, it seemed very far from the original texture of Indomie but the taste is definitely there. So rest assured that their stuffed Blue Turkey is made with care and experience.


Buffet is on for a limited time only in December

The buffet promotion is on for a limited time only and starts on the 21st November, 2018. The full timetable can be found on their official website.

Buffet Type

    Festive Lunch Buffet

    Festive Dinner buffet with live BBQ station

Opening Hours

12:00pm – 3:00pm

                                 6:30pm – 9:30pm



After learning all that we have explained about the Blue Bird, would you try it?


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Bay Hotel
50 Telok Blangah Rd
Singapore 098828

For most updated address and opening hours of Rumah Rasa, please refer their listing on halalfoodhunt.com, Singapore’s largest directory of verified halal food merchants. 

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